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  November 2018
volume 15 number 1
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  Stefanie Bennett
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David Thornbrugh
November 2018



photo by marie c lecrivain

        "I am a West Coast poet long resident in Seattle, Washington, where I satisfy my poetic needs mostly by reading at local open mics. My most recent publications have been in Miller’s Pond, Clockwise Cat, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Convergence."




When the hummingbird falls from the sky,
no one expects a heart attack.
What you have truly lost is never out of reach.

The truth doesn’t hurt so much as appall,
and mirrors don’t lie so much as misdirect light
the way magicians saw pretty girls in half.

Maybe all cretins really are liars,
and there are two sides to every coin,
but what good does it do us at the end?

The crow that cannot evade an oncoming car
will have to give up the diet of roadkill,
but a deer will always stop in the headlights.

copyright 2018 David Thornbrugh