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  August 2006
volume 4 number 3
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Arlene Ang August 2006



photo by kevin berger

    Arlene Ang lives in Venice where she edits the Italian edition of Poems Niederngasse. Her poetry has been published in Envoi, The Pedestal, Mississippi Review Online, Rattle, Smiths Knoll, and 2River View. Her first full collection of poetry, The Desecration of Doves is available through, and through Barnes & Noble.




Here's the tabby wanting to get in.

I've been scratched
& it's not a laughing matter.

This is how my brother cried
when twenty carp floated

belly-up in his lotus pond.
Lack of oxygen induces slow death:

remember the salmon under
a plastic wrap, the smell of rot?

This morning I wake up
with a man not my husband.

And there's that bowl of fish.

copyright 2006 Arlene Ang



Allhallows Noon

Late October. Like oranges squashed
by speeding trucks or sun
face-flat on white beads of dirt
and spurting curses, pumpkin risotto simmers,
stirred with wooden spoon,
circled by a backdrop of teflon
against flat counter and wildflower tiles.
You confront steam, avoid my arms.
Through the terrace doors,
a tabby cat slinks.
It is midday in the kitchen,
your grandmother preferred
these auburn-eroded tones in life.
I say nothing. Lunch will soon be ready.
Till then you chatter about today's news,
the television fills in the details.
Gaps? No gaps. The pithy warmth
of amylopectin stifles the space between us.

copyright 2006 Arlene Ang



Love and Benny Hill

Love and Benny Hill Night is when
you propose marriage.
Between the Benny Hill Show
and unbuttered popcorn,
you falter.
Your words clich
across the semi-lit divan
like arpeggios from untuned strings.

Is it ever enough, you wonder,
to say I love you-
your tongue suddenly swollen
from too much salt
that it comes out a half-croak
muted by tv applause.

She continues to munch,
laugh obliquely at the bald man
running around the park
in heart-speckled underpants.

previously published in Iota 64 (Fall 2003)

copyright 2003 Arlene Ang