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  November 2018
volume 15 number 1
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  Will Alexander
  Sir Mark Bruback
  Don Kingfisher Campbell
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  Darrell Herbert
  Emma Lee
  Rick Lupert
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Darrell Herbert November 2018



photo by marie c lecrivain ?photo by marie c lecr

    Darrell Herbert is a poet-songwriter, humanitarian, author, and artivist. He is a nationally recognized poet.



Needle Marks

Man's best friend can't even bark
And I'm checking her arms for needle marks
An addiction merely lights the spark
Breaking down as you broke my heart
Fuck around in her wedding gown
Fight or flight, just make sure you deal right
Never knew what real love felt like
He's a dick and she's still a Dike
Some nights I want to heal right
But, that shit don't feel right
So I sip cocaine from steel pipes
I mean, you don't know how shit goes down behind closed doors
I mean, you could say my insecurities are whores
Who gives blow jobs to feelings that I'm done fighting for
Fuck that, I'm just lying more
Crying more
Fuck it, I want to be the living proof that's dying more
Sweet and sour, but my sour is poured
Nobody made me feel safe, nobody made me feel secure
Nobody saw my blood dripping from the fucking floor of my fucking pours
Of course, I am insecure

(previously published in The Scarlet Leaf Review)

copyright 2018 Darrell Herbert