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  November 2018
volume 15 number 1
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  Sir Mark Bruback
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David Scriven November 2018



photo by dave scriven

    David Scriven is an environmental engineer who lives with his wife Lynn in the hinterlands of Western Riverside County. He does volunteer work for a non-profit religious organization, takes pictures, and plays harmonica in a band. He has two grown-up daughters. His photographs have appeared in the book Weird California and in several publications dealing with bugs.



The Phone Was Ringing

The phone was ringing;
So she emerged from the lake,
Dripping slime and scuttling crustaceans,
To answer it.
Her voice sounded like a swollen waterfall,
And the caller forgot about Candidate Burlap's sterling qualifications,
And soon began to quietly sing
About the rains that would wash all the toys
Into the sea.

copyright 2018 David Scriven



Lunch at the Palace of Memory

Grilled salmon, dusted with turmeric,
        served over eggs on a silver platter inscribed
        with multiplication tables;
Broccoli sautéed with roasted pumpkin seeds
        tossed in singing bowls enameled
        with the Circle of Fifths;
Hot, dark chocolate drizzled over chilled orange slices,
        sprinkled with blueberries and chopped walnuts,
        spooned into glass dishes etched
        with the Greek, Hebrew, and Sanskrit alphabets;
Steaming hot coffee (or green tea)
        poured into porcelain cups glazed
        with anatomical diagrams;
On the stage: a string quartet plays The Elements Song

copyright 2018 David Scriven