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  November 2016
volume 13 number 2
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J de Salvo November 2016



photo by james barros

    J de Salvo's stories, poems, and articles have been published extensively in print and online. He is the editor and publisher of the Pedestrian Press and the journals the Bicycle Review and Oakland Review. A native of Los Angeles, he resides in Oakland, CA.



Downhill From Here

Now that we've done with our bitchin'
let's get serious about it
Serious? Poetry? Are you
serious? Poet? Metaphor?
doesn't tickle like it used to
Tell the truth: it came too easy,
Became work. Did that make it all...

Better, let's rephrase, and get to
The point? peace, if not for you all
at least for once for myself, the
selfish years, the blind disgust with
all of you, I can hardly wait,
to slip, go downhill from here
Jack/Jill senility, oh yeah...

That succor, crave its Idiom
Socratic idiot, I won't
entertain necessary lies:
I matter, I'm important,
look:"let me explain to you why I
and only I am I," I'll take,
the fall, guy like me, patsy-like

Can't wait, to become too stupid
to know or to care, it's no fun,
But there it is, the harmless un
impressive no better no worse
and knows it, knows better, and so
Can't be certain, sees the thing too
close, almost from inside blinded

So damn full of facts we get so
used to being sure of the rules
by which we measure sanity
I want, not to go insane, but
to forget, forever, to make
an issue of my sanity
my common functionality

forget this standard as any
kind of plus or minus, great! we
learned! Let's get the fuck on with it!
An absorption, maybe a
new trick we don't have to learn
to compete, or not, anymore
a mite less proud of our children

copyright 2016 J de Salvo



Algorithmic Love

This algorithmic woman she
has perfect pitch she
never graces a note

Through faking it
She wants absolute trust in
               the absolute truth and
is ready to begin this

This woman she lives her life
                     on settings

The kinds of games she
likes to play are So
interactive you will
actually feel the pain

In fact you'll be wantin' to
give a testimonial:

I was high and dry
(What a loser!)
Til I got myself my
algorithmic love

copyright 2016 J de Salvo