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  November 2018
volume 15 number 1
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  Will Alexander
  Sir Mark Bruback
  Don Kingfisher Campbell
  John LaMar Elison
  Darrell Herbert
  Emma Lee
  Rick Lupert
  Fabrice Poussin
  Walter Ruhlmann
  Miriam Sagan
  David Scriven
  Viola Weinberg
  Terry Wolverton
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John LaMar Elison November 2018



photo by richard lee miller

    John LaMar Elison has lived a life reading between the lines, finding the good seat on bad bus trips, and hunting amongst the stacks. He writes and fights and bathes by candlelight. His poetry may be reminiscent of letters from prison, but John has never served time.



Sedoka 23

Offering a hand
Fear drove it into the street
Strange new love for this dead dog

Your tears were instant
In such harsh reality
Softness blooms like white lilies

copyright 2018 John LaMar Elison



April 15th: An Ottava Rima

Our past tasted like ouzo, petrichor
And need. Now, we drive dreams, drink wine, bleed ink

We don’t have to count pennies or coup anymore
No worries about what others may think

‘Cuz think what they will, still we know the score
Buried ‘neath the mountain, we came back from the brink

Our future tastes like legend and meat
Like triumph, like blood, like sinew, like heat.

copyright 2018 John LaMar Elison