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  November 2017
volume 14 number 2
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Marjorie R Becker November 2017



    "I am the author of the prize winning, Setting the Virgin on Fire (UC Press, 1996), and two poetry collections, Body Bach (2005) and Piano Glass/Glass Piano (2010), both from Tebot Bach Press. I hold a Yale doctorate, and am associate professor of Latin American History and English at USC. I have received multiple awards including a Faculty Fulbright Research Fellowship for Mexico. I was honored as a runner-up in the Second Beyond Baroque Poetry Contest; my poems have also been published in Runes, Askew, Beyond the Lyric Moment, Desde Hong Kong: Poets in Conversation with Octavio Paz, Angle of Reflection, and in many other journals and anthologies. Currently, I am working on both a new poetry manuscript and a new historical monograph entitled Dancing on the Sun Stone: an Exploration of Mexican Women and the Gendered Politics of Octavio Paz."



Blush Again and Fire

He wandered, wondered, floundered toward a season,
the peaches there, they brushed his hand, his hope

splaying worlds as wild, complete with touch
with tongue, with twilight turned to taste

the nearby nipples, nothing new, no negligence, just bare,
just blush at bad-boy inklings women know

the world, its wildest, widest wonder
as they wander into peaches’ place,

that lust for plum, for nectarine by night,
for negligee, oh rip the cloth, the couch,

then count toward noon, its night
toward naked need, naked . . .

copyright 2017 Marjorie R Becker



Seeds Crying Out

A tide pool of time
or perhaps, as there were women
naked as the night, its thought,
but no, no,
a dreamscape floating,
fondling light, garden branches
sky’s escape to trees,
bushes, bundled bursts
of fruit sunning, simmering
the Georgia breeze, its flight;
the seeds crying out for flesh to flesh,
for morning’s rush
toward hunger’s hope for tongue,
for taste, for bounty’s bright
and bold embrace.

copyright 2017 Marjorie R Becker