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  April 2015
volume 12 number 1
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Sir Mark Bruback April 2015



    Sir Mark ' the poet' Bruback is a Seattle-based spoken-word poet. Performing with diverse bands and talent with social political themes, he has traveled the world and released 14 books of poetry, and is also considered an Illuminati expert, as well as a Knight Templar who served as commander of Seattle #2.
Sir Mark the Poet



Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf, on the media plastered;
Lone Wolf, one crazy bastard,
anger and violence, years of frustration;
plotting revenge, in your dark isolation,
beaten and bullied 'they' chose your course;
that's why now you feel no remorse,
'they' made you this way, now 'they' have to pay;
that one day at the cafe when bullets did spray,
"I just wanted a damn double shot latte!"
thinking 'no one cares' you decide to use force;
or maybe because of that disastrous divorce;
loss of a job? Dealt a cancerous card?
Islamic jihadist? Dick can't get hard?
Lone Wolf, the sociopath pretends;
Lone Wolf, killing family and friends,
and other innocents who don't deserve this!
No one deserves this.
No one deserves this!
So, I'm asking you please, chose a new path;
no human should be the victim of wrath,
murder and destruction all based on hate;
whether you're anti-NWO or pro-Islamic State,
maybe you were victimized that caused to frustrate;
yet know there is a better future to create.
Lone Wolf, honor all breath;
Lone Wolf, there is a choice beyond death!

copyright 2015 Sir Mark Bruback