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  November 2018
volume 15 number 1
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  featured poets
  Will Alexander
  Sir Mark Bruback
  Don Kingfisher Campbell
  John LaMar Elison
  Darrell Herbert
  Emma Lee
  Rick Lupert
  Fabrice Poussin
  Walter Ruhlmann
  Miriam Sagan
  David Scriven
  Viola Weinberg
  Terry Wolverton
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Sir Mark Bruback November 2018



    Sir Mark ' the poet' Bruback is a Seattle-based spoken-word poet. Performing with diverse bands and talent with social political themes, he has traveled the world and released 14 books of poetry, and is also considered an Illuminati expert, as well as a Knight Templar who served as commander of Seattle #2.
Sir Mark the Poet



Goddess Spring

Goddess Spring! Sacred salad tosses;
chemtrails made in perfect crosses,
the end of greedy, corporate bosses;
people not profit, CEOs horde losses.
Dodging Apophis on the Mars base;
the universe blesses us with tender grace,
behold the cornerstone in infinite space!
Tell you what to do? Not my place.
Beyond even your skull saving face;
realize now this transcends gender and race?
Message of unity, it is that love saves;
subatomic particles travelling in waves,
ever ongoing planets, but a phase;
a lesson taken to and from graves.
Distracted in High Definition;
soul whispers in dreams your mission,
WILL & DARING the offspring of wishin',
participation, possibilities to petition.
Meanwhile, lost in ego we can't see;
each individual struggles to free,
the illusion of personality;
equal opposite in a cult of celebrity,
not knowing oneself, the true conspiracy!

copyright 2018 Sir Mark Bruback



High on Koch

Pro gun so of course I'm carryin'
that's why I call myself Libertarian!
2nd Amendment, so you can't trip;
AR15 with extended clip,
“Don't tread on me!” or you'll die;
infiltrate the underground and Occupy,
attract youthful idealists with terms like 'free'
to make the world safe for white guys like me,
troll liberals online, will they take the bait?
Promote the end of the Fed and the State,
namby pamby, welfare tools;
with your libraries and public schools,
water treatment plants, firefighters and roads;
military and police are but Commie codes,
trying to take away my liberty;
force me to pay for the disabled and elderly,
Dyke Femanazis are getting me pist!
So, I became a Men's Rights Activist,
so what if I'm single, stop your bitchin'
a woman's place is in the kitchen.
Black President, I thought our world was through;
but not our narrow-minded point of view!
I want freedom like in the Glory Days;
just not for women, minorities,immigrants or gays,
next thing you know they'll be voting!
Now on to what the Koch Brothers are supporting,
Propaganda, misinformation and lies;
fascism's devilish disguise,
cause money walks and bullsh*t flies;
for the benefit of us oppressed, white guys,
ending taxes is no simple task;
better scare 'em with my Guy Faulks mask!
Open carry with my militia, don't be a hater,
true colors of a terrorist traitor.
Jews control Hollywood, the media and S.A.G.;
V is for Vendetta, D for douchebag,
venture capitalists don't care an ounce;
with Swiss, Panamanian & Cayman Island accounts,
Preying on ignorant, middle class fears;
convince you we're patriots and not profiteers,
Libertarian 'sounds like' Liberty;
except in it, only the rich and white are free,
confusing social programs with socialism;
Reganomics, cut throat capitalism,
Did I mention I'm afraid cause the President was black?
Rockin' out to my hate with a Ted Nugget soundtrack,
Bigots, we always fall in this trap;
words, like Ted's pants, full of crap,
Maybe you too would sound scared and weak;
if even Tea Baggers, Alt Right and Republicans think you're a freak!
Just don't check our numbers or facts;
bribing senators and funding Super Pacs,
But irony is not lost on you, cut us a break;
when will the white man catch a fair shake?
The last few hundred years? What do you mean?
Does not compute with the multi-national's B.S. machine,
FREEDOM is for all and it's not a joke;
get you head out of your ass and your ass off Koch!

copyright 2018 Sir Mark Bruback