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  November 2018
volume 15 number 1
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  featured poets
  Will Alexander
  Sir Mark Bruback
  Don Kingfisher Campbell
  John LaMar Elison
  Darrell Herbert
  Emma Lee
  Rick Lupert
  Fabrice Poussin
  Walter Ruhlmann
  Miriam Sagan
  David Scriven
  Viola Weinberg
  Terry Wolverton
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Don Kingfisher Campbell November 2018



    Don Kingfisher Campbell, MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles, has taught Writers Seminar at Occidental College Upward Bound for 33 years, been a coach and judge for Poetry Out Loud, a performing poet/teacher for Red Hen Press Youth Writing Workshops, Los Angeles Area Coordinator and Board Member of California Poets In The Schools, poetry editor of the Angel City Review, publisher of Spectrum and the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, leader of the Emerging Urban Poets writing and Deep Critique workshops, organizer of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival, and host of the Saturday Afternoon Poetry reading series in Pasadena, California. For awards, features, and publication credits, please go to:
Don Kingfisher Campbell



Questions From the Broad

Did you forget to wash the dishes?
Wish a bouquet of shiny flowers was waiting for you upstairs?
Do you like to immerse yourself in comics?
How about other media?
Jackie O, Marilyn Monroe, Cowboy Elvis,
and more wanted men?
Would you find pleasure in saluting an artistic flag?
Lose yourself in blocks of primary colors?
Have you looked into the eyes of a single man?
Did his beard match the hair on his head?
Was his forward stare much like your own?
Have you ever dreamed of having three penises too?
Is the fire burning in your cabin intentional?
Why does a tear fall on your cheek?
Are you worthy of a crown as well?
When you glance in the mirror do you feel like a fake?
Remember when you could peer up at a dining table?
Ever vomited money, suckled the teats of society?
Does your jaw slacken at America in bright lights?
With the shadows of the oppressed including you?
Who doesn’t adore a nice bite in the neck?
How long have our heads been hanging upside down?
Why do we construct a god out of darkness,
Missing a hand, featuring only one good eye?
Is a dead fish on newspaper a true sign of our culture?
Do you crouch and ponder the meaning of what lies on the ground?
Would you create a poem for your tombstone?
Prefer it in running signage on the wall of a museum?
Where have you declared out loud your needs in two words or more?
Why does this wig have a hole in it?
Can a brain take in all the peering pupils, pursed lips, toothy grins?
Even once been lined up with friends under a gun?
Etched a message to aliens on beach sand?
Saluted helmeted leaders of history, because they were just actors?
Stand on the shore waiting for a ship to drop anchor?
Or simply think outside in your purple nailed open sandals?
Are you an exhibit walking past the side of a colossal building?

copyright 2018 Don Kingfisher Campbell