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  November 2016
volume 13 number 2
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Terry McCarty November 2016



    Terry McCarty has been writing poetry in, around (and sometimes about) Los Angeles since 1997. His education in the craft was achieved through Olin Tezcatlipoca's Saturday afternoon workshops at Midnight Special Bookstore in Santa Monica CA plus Don Kingfisher Campbell's Wednesday workshop in Pasadena CA. He has read and/or featured at several venues in Los Angeles and Orange County--plus Northern California, Las Vegas NV, Seattle WA and Austin TX. Books include Hollywood Poetry: 2001-2013, and Never Moet Bukowski.
    Terry also has been published in anthologies including The Long Way Home: The Best of the Little Red Books (Lummox Press), So Luminous The Wildflowers (Tebot Bach), Van Gogh's Ear and Raundi Kai Moore-Kondo's Short Poems series.



Ode to the Sylmar Bear

at least two local TV news crews
harsh light of LAPD helicopter
fish and game employees on the ground
a tree comes into view
easy to climb
but no branches
and not enough room to sit
on top of the dozen or so palm fronds

so it's time to reverse course
find a front yard to be cornered in
and prepare for the sting of the darts
plus premature hibernation
before waking in familiar surroundings
glad to be free
from those who couldn't relate

copyright 2016 Terry McCarty




sitting at sixth grade desk
but shoulders and back
at too low an angle
so the homeroom teacher
came up to me
and fiercely expelled
the physical demons
she thought I possessed
punctuating this with shouts
about my bad bad behavior
as other students looked
and did nothing
for fear of teacher
striding to the closet
and pulling big wooden paddle
off its hook

this was recorded for posterity
by nondigitized memory
and may never be erased

copyright 2016 Terry McCarty