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  August 2007
volume 5 number 2
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  Alaina Renee Alexander
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Alaina Renee Alexander
August 2007



art by alfie ebojo aka alfie numeric

    Alaina R. Alexander graduated from the College of Santa Fe with a BA in Contemporary Music and a Minor in Spanish.



After Bar Girl

    Itís 3 am on a Friday Night. Do you know where your self-esteem is? Wow, you do? I donít, I mean I guess it would be with me if I had a whole lot. It was a joke.
    Itís how I cope with my never-ending quest for love and acceptance, or at least thatís what the call-in radio shrink said about women who constantly accept after bar calls.
    Of course, I noticed that she didnít mention anything about the men who make those calls. She didnít chastise them for the way they treat me. She didnít condemn him for not acknowledging me during daylight hours.
    Look, I know I donít have to answer his calls, but he sounds so despondent when I turn him down. I mean, itís not all about sex; sometimes he comes over just to sleep next to me. He says that he likes a warm body lying next to him.
    In the morning, I fix him a thermos of coffee. He likes it black, and then he usually grabs a bagel from my fridge and rushes out the door. Heís a busy guy, so I donít get too offended that he's never stopped to chat with me in the morning.
    Besides, he doesnít want to talk to me. He just wants his needs met and I can do it. I havenít gone out of town in about 10 months, because he hates it when he canít get ahold of me.
    So, I stick close to home. My birthday is coming up and I'm hoping he'll take me some place nice. My sister says that Iíll be lucky if he takes me to the drive thru at Taco World.
    Sheís not quite the optimist that I am.

copyright 2006 Alaina Renee Alexander