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  August 2004
volume 2 number 3
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  Luis Rubio Vargas
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Luis Rubio Vargas August 2004


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    Luis Rubio Vargas is an artist from Van Nuys, California. He's 33 years old and has two children. He started drawing at a young age while attending elementary school. Luis' mother, upon noticing his son displayed great ability, continuously enrolled him in independent art classes. It was through these classes he acquired a skill and love of drawing.     While attending high school, Luis saw drawing as a career opportunity. Since then, he has pursued different fields in illustration, ceramics and animation. Throughout the years as an artist, Luis has shared his knowledge to many underprivileged children through art classes.     Currently, he has a website,, where much of his work is available through personalized merchandise. Luis is also a tattoo artist with extensive experience.     His artwork covers many themes, as Luis expresses on his website, "Art is the deliverance of my soul, which cries to unleash the burdens and pleasures of life through a colorful spectrum of curvaceous imagery. Art is the healing of my mind who is imprisoned by the mental scenarios and illusions."     Luis employs Toltec, Mayan, and Aztec symbolism to express this tenet in many of his works. He describes a large portion of his artwork as cosmic and psychedelic. However, throughout the different intricacies in each of his works, there is an underlying message that binds each one together: Love. Love for nature, and the human spirit.     Luis has been greatly influenced by artists like H.R. Giger, best known for his creation of the biochemical style of the "Alien" life form in the movie franchise of the same name. Other influences include the famous graphic artist M.C. Esher and the great surrealist artist, Salvador Dali. Luis operates a studio in Culver City California and can be reached for tattoo services and art shows at (818) 357-8951.
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