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  November 2003
volume 1 number 1
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Anne Lecrivain November 2003


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    Anne Lecrivain makes things that weren't there before. It's her penance for the time she was five and started to make her family members disappear with a magic baton.     Reeling from the guilt of beaming her older brother onto the roof (as her sincere father and sister accused), she's been adding to the world as opposed to making things vanish. Since then, Anne has become well-versed in many creative media, from classic art techniques to well-developed seamstress skills. She is currently trudging along at College of the Canyons in Valencia, which is a well-funded cultural void, but a safe place to raise kids. Currently, her artwork is inspired by being true to the moment in which it is being created (the one benefit of a couple of acting classes) and in noticing the stranger moments in life that may normally pass right under our noses.
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