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  May 2004
volume 2 number 2
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  Donald Langosy
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Donald Langosy May 2004


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    in Manhattan, New York currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts with his wife Elizabeth. An ambitious artist from the very start of his creative endeavors, at the age of 23, in order to finish a sculpted head of Ezra Pound, he decided to pack his bags and travel to Venice, Italy to find the legendary poet currently residing in that country at that time. Now an artist for over three decades, many of his accumulated endeavors display much of that same creative determination.     For Langosy, poetry has played a major role in his past and current works. Early on in his life, while in high school, he came upon an article on the same poet, Pound, and something inside of him sprung alive. Suddenly, he became aware of the human aspect of poetry, and not just the aesthetics of the craft. Since then, he's been inspired by poetry and firmly believes that both crafts-painting and poetry-go hand in hand so much that every painter needs a poet and vice versa. Throughout the years, he's befriended many artists, many of whom have been poets, and has found that a mutual inspiration exists between the creative force and dynamics of both painter and poet.     This creative force and friendship with poets once inspired the works featured here in this issue. Much of his work is quite personal and the characters in many of the "Poet as Muse" theme presented here are friends dear and personal of Langosy. He holds a personal site online,, where a large number of his works are displayed. In all, nearly three decades of his work is presented, offering a view into the artist's development of his craft throughout the decades. Many of these works have been influenced by Picasso, Giacometti, Rembrandt, Thomas Eakins, Titian and the Venetian Artists he's been exposed to while visiting Italy. In addition, Federico Fellini's film output and a large number of his tenets on the craft of art creation in general have helped shape his creative vision more thoroughly as well.     While interviewing Langosy, he forwarded me this quote from the filmmaker: "Art, on the other hand is something that comforts us, reassures us, tells us about life in terms that are extremely protective. It makes us think about life which otherwise would only amount to a heart that beats, a stomach that digests, lungs that breathe, eyes that are filled with senseless images. I believe that art is the most successful attempt to instill in mankind the need to have a religious feeling. That's what any kind of art expresses...".     Much of Langosy's work shares such sentiment in they way he presents his characters and themes. He feels no boundaries between space and time and these boundless limitations have allowed him to express his themes on canvas much more successfully and adds a sense of depth to his work that tells his vision of life as something comforting and reassuring, perhaps even religious. Currently, Langosy works on a website based on a puppet character named Bertie Puddlepoop he once created for his two daughters Hadley and Zoe when they were young of age. Later on, in collaboration with other artist friends, he used this character to create a puppetry theatre that showcased a very successful Christmas show in the local Massachusetts area. Bertie is based on the character of the comedy "Twentieth Century", John Barrymore. The site uses drawing and digital images to present a satirical view of celebrity life. Donald Langosy can be reached at and through his web assistant or through Poetic Diversity at