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  August 2010
volume 8 number 2
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Feral Artist August 2010


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eye neon cros roots rock
rose and chrome sword and iron




    Cindy Weinstein (also known in some circles as Feral Artist) lives in the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley. She works from her home office as an art director/designer while occupying herself with an array of creative distractions - not the least of which is the writing and performing of poetry and spoken word.     She has been published in the online journals poeticdiversity, Paradigm Shift and has had articles printed in numerous esoteric publications including a feature in Abramelin - A Journal of Poetry and Magick. She travels and conducts seminars on Babalon as the radical unified feminine archetype - BetKama, the House of Desire. Currently she is working on some recordings of selections from Lampshades from the Skin of Roses for podcast.
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