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  April 2007
volume 5 number 1
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  Jared Barbick
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Jared Barbick April 2007


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    Jared M. Barbick, born in 1976, was raised in Palos Verdes, a picturesque seaside town in Southern California. Educated at both the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) and the "school of life," Barbick's work is an innovative style incorporating features of pop art and expressionism in a genre he has dubbed "Pop-expressionism." Paintings such as "Forgiveness", "Paper Dolls," and "Bebop" illustrate the artist's broadness of exploration, addressing subjects such as protesting the war in Israel, depicting the children's life during the Holocaust, and capturing the emergence of the Bebop era. He is credited for contributing a new way of seeing the often-painted musical culture of the world. In addition, he is credited for his exploration and manipulation of alternative mediums that are usually inflexible and fragile so as to construct a compelling and thought provoking piece.     An avid traveler, Barbick has rambled through the contiguous United States and Europe soaking up the atmosphere and seeking inspiration. He often incorporates the faces and snapshots of life that he has stumbled upon. Barbick's desire to capture the richness of life coupled with his deep love of music has led him to produce pieces replete with emotion, movement and a sense of delightful saturation of color.     He is currently seeking an appropriate publisher and gallery to show his cutting edge and original artwork. His painting "Solitude in Sound" has been recognized in Copeland's Famous New Orleans Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. Jared has a private and exclusive clientele mostly comprised of musicians and business professionals. During his early artist career, Barbick was accepted and given a scholarship to Disney's art school - California Institute of the Arts - in Valencia. Barbick worked for 10 years as an independent logo and cd-art creator for recording artists. Barbick received his bachelor's degree in English from UCSB and his Masters Degree in Education from Pepperdine University.     Artist Statement: My attempt to redefine the archetypal pop culture style/form of painting, and emphasize the relationships between people, music and culture has led me on a search to capture and illustrate life as we experience it in its most true form. My art is a reflection of my internal world where I strive to understand the internal experience all people share when they encounter their emotional response to the world, which can be a collage of images/experiences/emotions. My art uses color, dimension, shape, and form to evoke symbolic meaning and emotion. I have incorporated multiple visual styles, diverse materials, deconstructed domestic patterns, and images of popular culture into the work in an investigation of the pluralistic, multifaceted, and complex condition of life in the contemporary societies around the world.     Where my art conventionally is designed to address and illustrate the aforementioned, it also serves as a door into the world of color-blind created artwork.     Due to my serious impairment (colorblindness: red/green) working to create these pieces is a labor of love, and even more so, a perpetual challenge to understand how the rest of the people in this world see color, composition, tones, shadows, and ultimately how they experience life through their eyes. This brings an added unique quality to my art, one not seen in much of the art world.