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  August 2005
volume 3 number 3
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  Lizbeth Palma
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Lizbeth Palma August 2005


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    Lizbeth Palma is a local illustrator, crafts artist, dancer and musician from Orange County California currently residing in Los Angeles County. She is a Native American Yaqui Indian, and a devout follower of her heritage traditions. It is her Native American heritage that forms a yin and yang of artistic product based on the artistic outlet she employs.     It is through the observance of Native American practices that Palma cleanses the negative aspects of her life, which in turn are passed on in her illustrations. Palma describes her illustrations as "containing all the negative energy which she dispels from herself."     On the other hand, her music (she plays Native American flute music), and dance (Palma is a belly dancer and modern/expressional dancer), take place at the opposite spectrum of her artistic range. They help balance the negative expressionism her illustrations contain.