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  November 2005
volume 3 number 4
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Michelle Mazzetti November 2005


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photo by michelle mazzetti

    Artist in Residence Michelle Mazzetti was born in California and has lived in Santa Barbara, California and Hawaii. She's eighteen years old and currently lives in Orange County while she attends Chapman University. She's majoring in film production and peace studies. Throughout the years she's developed as a serious photographer, painter, writer, and sculptor. Most of her photography focuses on the natural habitats of her local surroundings and traveling excursions while her other creative abilities such as writing are geared towards screenplays for her films. She's currently finishing a documentary on the island of Kaho?olawe, which is better known as a military site used for nearly 50 years by the U.S. Government.     Mazzetti's film explores the effects created by conventional weaponry testing throughout the years and the process of recovery of the island's natural habitat now that the island is no longer occupied by the U.S Government. Once the film is finished she will be submitting the film for distribution and hopes to be accepted by PBS or public access television. Other line of work Mazzetti has produced is music videos. A recent music video was submitted for consideration in the International Film Festival 2005 competition under the music video category.     Mazzetti envisions becoming a full time movie director focusing on creating documentaries that feature individuals and organizations often overlooked in their devotion to the betterment and resolution of social and ecological crises.     To see more of Mazzetti's work, visit her website.
Michelle Mazzetti