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  December 2007
volume 5 number 3
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  Tatiana Tulskaya
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Tatiana Tulskaya December 2007


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photo by tatiana tulskaya

    Art has always been an emotional outlet for Russian born Tatiana Tulskaya. Her first love is music. Enrolled in music school at the age of seven by her mother, she studied classical piano for seven years.     By the time Tatiana entered university, her talents had developed enough to beat out 150 other hopefuls in an entry competition for one of five spots. She later attended the prestigious Moscow State University of Culture and Arts for three years before emigrating to the United States.     Today, Tatiana uses painting and photography to express what is going on in her life. Her art reflects her stuggles with the U.S. immigration system, the cold and isolation of midwestern winters, and the challenges of raising two bright and energetic boys as a single mother in Northern Wisconsin.
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