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  November 2004
volume 2 number 4
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  Theo Diamantis
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Theo Diamantis November 2004


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    Theo Diamantis, born 1969 in Toronto, Canada, considers Travel, Cooking, Photography and Design his personal passions. As a graduate of Political Science, his chosen careers of Art Director, Editor, Photographer, Visual Effects Artist and Media Graphic Artist is rather unusual until you consider he was a photographer from the age of 10, programming his first computer a year later in 1981 and creating corporate video presentations in 1986. Starting in Broadcast Design in Greece in 1992 as a Quantel Paintbox artist, he continued to expand his skills and services, working with Flame and now Shake. Joining the Broadcast Design Association, Siggraph, Mensa and most recently the Visual Effects Society, he has art directed media for four Nintendo E3 Trade Shows, graphics for one Olympics, Broadcast Design for CNN, TNT, SKY, ABC News and others, Onlined over 300 commercials in Canada, the US and Greece and worked on five feature films (and counting) as a Visual Effects Artist. He is currently living in London, England and runs 8eo Design.