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  August 2007
volume 5 number 2
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Marie Lecrivain
George Wallace: poet, composer, MySpace phenom, and editor of Poetrybay
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Indefensible Poetry
Jerry Garcia
Naomi Querubin-Abesamis? Inner Victory, A Collection of Filipina American Poetry
Marie Lecrivain
RD Armstrong's The Hunger
Theresa Antonia
Dave Nordling's Glass Houses
Annette Sugden
Jack Cooper's Across My Silence
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Theresa Antonia August 2007


Dave Nordling's Glass Houses

Dave Nordling ends his book by saying how blessed he is to have so many tales to tell, but it is the reader who should be thankful.
From Nordling’s first poem in his collection Glass Houses -“Thousand Year Rain:” ...this volley would pepper heaven with eternal wreckage - to his last poem- “Venice on my Mind,” (dedicated to the city so near to where he co-hosts a popular poetry reading every Friday night)- he shares with us as a wistful traveler leaves your shore tonight with Venice always on my mind. I can’t help but think Nordling’s poems will linger in your mind well after you’ve put the book down.
    Glass Houses takes you everywhere Nordling has been: “Island in the Sun,” “Burbank,” “This City,” and “New Jersey is Not Paradise.” I felt honored with the transparency in which Nordling shared his stories from Glass Houses. This chapbook, now in its second printing, is an intimate account of Nordling’s experiences that contain universal truths.
    I read the book in one sitting. I smelled the perfume of “Scented Angels,” and saw when the wind blows… he hides his eyes behind a smile, about a chance meeting with a woman in a Boston restaurant. In “Have You seen America,” he asks if you have ever been on a:

    motorcycle sleeping bag,
    bandana and boots,
    mirror sunglasses…greasy,
    sleeveless shirt on the back of America

    And you are there, with him on the journey, getting lost for days. Yes, Dave, I’ve been on that same ride. I was there, too.
    In the provocative “Fuck City,” you take a walk with him; see her with all your candy stuffed in the tiny triangle tied to your hips. Remember your own one night stands, where you temporarily fit each other into your schedules, where everyone is an accessory to each other. From there, you follow Nordling to the sweet “Morning’s Call,” with last night’s love to be awakened by arousal from night’s seductive dream…waking to the weight of your luscious body climbing upon mine. You almost want to close the curtains and give Nordling a little privacy, but you can’t stop wanting to find out what happens next.
    I recommend next time you see Dave Nordling, and buy a copy of Glass Houses, so you, too, can remember where you’ve been.

Glass Houses, Dave Nording, Off World Publications, copyright 2007 2nd printing, $5,

copyright 2007 Theresa Antonia


Theresa Antonia

author's bio

    Theresa Antonia is Italian. To prove this, she keeps a photo in her purse of her grandfather in his wife beater t-shirt, cigar in his mouth, a jug of wine on the table his "friends" are sitting around in the basement, a bare bulb dangling overhead.
    She's also an internationally published poet, grant recipient, artist in residence, and freelance photographer with a master's degree in psychology.
    She's performed her one woman show at Beyond Baroque, and all over L.A. Published in numerous anthologies, and special edition chapbooks, she's a contributing editor for poeticdiversity, a co-director and editor for the Valley Contemporary Poets, is known for writing in a narrative prose style, and is still finishing her documentary on creativity, To contact: