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  August 2006
volume 4 number 3
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Tess. Lotta
Blue-Eyed Cunt: Inga Muscio and Writing Autobiography Left of the Genre
Larry Colker
Can Anyone Out There Hear Me?
Marie Lecrivain
Paul Moreno's Permission For Strangers
Jack G. Bowman
Sabrina Lightstone's Open
Aire Celeste Norell
Richard Beban's Young Girl Eating a Bird
Matthias Hagedorn
On Striding through Spheres of Language: The Writings of Francisca Ricinski
Marie Lecrivain
Jim Marquez's East L.A. Collage
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Jack G. Bowman August 2006


Sabrina Lightstone's Open

    Bio: Sabrina Lightstone was born in Montreal and now lives in Toronto, where she explores three realms of art; visual art, poetry and music. She combines these in performance. She attends York College where she is majoring in Creative Writing and English Literature. She performs in and around Toronto.

    Insanity is having to live in a reality

    that is transparent,

    where all equations divide to zero
. ( from” Normal”)

    Lightstone pulls through her mind and emotions in first person- a la Walt Whitman. She discovers her nature, others’ personas and glimpses of universal truth in whimsy and playful landscapes of words. There are many places to go with her; though she says she is mostly a prose artist, she experiments with form, repetition and humor as well:

    Even when I thought I’d tell you

    What I thought I’d tell you what I thought

    To tell you

    Even when was

    When it was

    If it were

    Sane enough
(from “Lovers Dance”)

    She goes through holidays, relationships, day-to-day existence and sees it in her own way. This is by no means unique: as writers, poets, and artists each have their own voice, she has found hers and kept it light. There is a window shade open where she writes; she can see the positive, the rainbow after the hurricane, and remember.

    Every tea cup gets turned over. The taps are pulled on in the

    kitchen, the refrigerator unplugged. Windows open and heat on...

   ...Memory is present like the pillow. Sometimes it gives a headache.

    But its comfort in the feathers.
..(from “Daisy and Bonham Experiment with Flowers”)

    Lightstone talks of travel to foreign places and we float with her there on wings, and wait to see what she will see, and where she will land.

    She was enjoyable to read; Not too serious, but as the title states – “open” - to what life brings her. She has not been drowned in cynicism, or fallen so much in love that the sweetness poisons us to her work. She is young yet in many ways, and this brings a freshness to her words, as well as opens her up for what life is to happen next.

Open (or Fighting Ambivalence), Sabrina Lightstone 2005., $2.00

copyright 2006 Jack G. Bowman


Jack G. Bowman

author's bio

    Jack was born to a workin' class family in southwestern Ohio, but soon moved to southern California where he lives today. Changes in subculture as well as the 'spirit of the times' affected his writing and philosophy. He graduated from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science. He graduated from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena with a Master of Arts in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling in 1997.
His work in the mental health field since 1984, as well as his own bizarre life experiences, figure prominently in his poetry, art, songs and prose. Jack is a licensed Psychotherapist in the Los Angeles area.
    He has been a published poet since 1991. Approximately 500 of his poems have been displayed in small presses, anthologies, and on the internet. He has self-published 12 books of poetry.

Jack's website