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  April 2020
volume 17 number 1
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volume 17 number 1 April 2020
    Hello, to you, the readers, poets, and writers.
    Please accept my apologies for the lateness of the current issue. A technical update with the host server screwed up the formatting for the entire site, but thanks to the hard work of webmaster extraordinaire, Reggie Ige, things are back on track.
    This year, as some would say, is different than any others, due to the restrictive nature of covid 19, the new global pandemic. I can assure you, you’re not alone, in your uncertainty, anger, or sorrow, of having to “sheter-in-place”. I know many poets and writers are having difficulty writing at this time, which is ironic, given that most of us complain about trying to find the time to write. Please know, we are here for you, and will continue, to the best of our ability, to provide a platform for poets and writers, as we have always done.
    Please enjoy the new issue:

    Featured Poets: Kathie Giorgio, Edward Lee, Jennie Lindthorst, Frank Mundo, Christine Murray, Abdel-Wahed Souayah, Viola Weinberg, and Martin Willits, Jr.

    Contributing Poets/Prose Writers: Jonathan Beale, Stefanie Bennett, Jackie Chou, Coco, Joshua Corwin, Raymond Fenech, Rich Follett, Jack Henry, James Evert Jones, Eric Lawson, Phoebe Marrall, Matt Mcgee, Alexis A Ogumokun, Alexandra Olmedo, Greg Patrick, Ronald Peat, E. Martin Pedersen, Francesca Ricinski-Marienfeld, David Scriven, Rishan Singh, Julia Stein, Tim Tipton, Kelley White, Lynn White, Bill Yarrow, and Omar ZahZah.

   Interviews/Reviews: This issue we have Carol Smallwood’s interview with Carol Mertz, author of Toward a Peeping Sunrise, and Jack G Bowman’s review of Bill Cushing’s Music Speaks.

    Please stay healthy, and safe.

marie c lecrivain
executive editor
poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles

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