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  November 2003
volume 1 number 1
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volume 1 number 1 November 2003

Welcome to the first issue of poeticdiversity,
a quarterly on-line publication representing the Los Angeles poetry community.

My entry into the LA poetry scene was sparked by the gentle urging of
Litrave member Charlotte O'Brien, who was hosting a poetry reading, called
MIA at Tanner's in Santa Monica. I hadn't written anything in YEARS, but
on January 8, 2002, I sat down in front of a computer, opened my mind,
and began to write. It hasn't stopped since.

The first thing that caught my attention and still surprises me, is the
richness and diversity of the scene itself. LA is an immigrant city, and
by virtue of its geography, has many communities of art and poetry that
would take many years, if not a lifetime to explore. The purpose of poeticdiversity
is to provide a forum for all to be equally represented and to foster
an appreciation for the incredible and constantly evolving community of
LA poets.

All the poets in this first issue come from different backgrounds, cultures
and have different ways of expressing themselves. From the brilliantly
demented, traditional poetry of B.D. Love, the fusion
of sense and sensuality of Mani Suri, to the impassioned
power in the spoken word of Rachel Kahn, these featured
poets, as well as the contributors, run the gamut of formal to slam.

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to everyone involved, but especially
note the following: Laura Lionello, poeticdiversity's
feature editor, for her patience when I was stuck in the editorial process.
Special thanks to the family of Aaron Keller for generously
allowing us to publish his beautiful poetry. Poetix
editor Jack Bowman, for passing on the poetic word. Mark
, for his timely suggestions and sage advice.

The biggest thanks goes to Reggie Ige, webmaster, photographer
and friend extraordinare, for designing poeticdiversity
and putting up with a very picky and panicky Marie on many occasions.

We have included an on-line store for the poets who have merchandise,
so please take a gander and support your fellow artists; the money goes
back to them. We also have a message board, so please feel free to leave
feedback on the poetry or any issues you feel need to be addressed.

Enjoy poeticdiversity, it's not just for me
and for you, but for everyone.

marie lecrivain



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webmaster reggie ige
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