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  November 2004
volume 2 number 4
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volume 2 number 4 November 2004
    Happy Anniversary, everyone!

    I never dreamed I'd be writing an introduction for a fifth issue of poeticdiversity. The notion of starting a publication to showcase the diversity of the L.A. literary scene seemed ludicrous when I pondered it in September 2003, but that concept is now a reality, and it shows no signs of dissipating.

    Every one who has graced poeticdiversity with their words has strengthened the sense of community in the LA scene. I'm continually humbled and impressed by the strength and passion of the work that comes my way, and with the people I've met, who've given the readers and myself so many moments of introspection and discovery.

    I won't bore you with a retrospective, as nostalgia is the first sign of insanity, but I'm going to take a moment to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of Laura Lionello, Douglas Richardson, Francisco Dominguez, and Reggie Ige. These folks have committed much of their time, enthusiasm and talent to shape and maintain poeticdiversity as a quality publication. Thank you Laura, Doug, Fran and Reggie. I'm honored to know and work with all of you.

    Issue # 5 has a cornucopia (sounds appropriate with Thanksgiving around the corner) of poetry, prose, reviews and art. Our featured poets are Steve Abee, Neal Aitken, Larry Colker, Nimah Nawwab, and Alice Pero. Our prose feature is Mark Krewatch, a sharp and insightful writer whose stories are a MUST read! This issue we have TWO interviews with editors Ursula T. Gibson and Velene Campbell, a thought provoking essay on poetry from Stosh Machek, book reviews from the poeticdiversity staff, and a list of literary recommendations from some of L.A.'s finest authors.

    We have two artists in residence. Theo Diamatis, a photographer and VFX artist from London, and images from Doug Richardson, Rev. Dave Wheeler, Mani Suri and Madame Aperture (aka yours truly). I also would like to thank our guest editor, John Feins, who spent a quite a bit of time reading, selecting, and editing the work that's in this issue.

    I'm very proud of poeticdiversity's first year, and look forward to seeing how the second year and subsequent issues will develop. Keep writing, submitting work, and remember to respect the diversity of creative expression.

marie lecrivain

executive editor


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