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  February 2005
volume 3 number 1
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volume 3 number 1 February 2005
    Listen to your mother!

    How many of us have heard that?

    My mother, Michele Mary Lecrivain, is a sculptor, painter, author and wisewoman. She is a woman of unshakeable faith and opinion, and the one who laid the cornerstone of my mission for artistic expression.

    I haven’t listened to everything she’s said, but I do remember this one observation she made: “When a woman creates a home that is both functional to the body and pleasing to the senses, she is creating art.”

    This issue is dedicated to her.

    We promote diversity, and respect. In honor of National Women’s Month (March 2005), we are showcasing a variety of women poets, both emerging and established.

    This time our featured poets are E. Amato, Zoe Beyer, Karen Corcoran Dabkowski, Catherine Daly, Peggy Dobreer, Elizabeth Iannaci, Thea Iberall, and Ariel Robello. Take a look at the beautiful and aesthetic images of TJungle, our Artist in Residence. Our guest essayist is Carlye Archibeque, host of the seminal reading, Poets Beyond the Half Shell. And because we love diversity and equality, we are very proud to present Mariano Zaro as our prose feature this issue. As usual, we have lots of great poetry, prose, reviews, and interviews with Lily editor, Susan Culver, and author Merrill Feitell.

    I want to welcome aboard (for the next two issues) our guest editor, Julia Bemiss. She’s been very instrumental in shaping this issue, along with our fantastic poetry editor, Laura Lionello.

    Have a lovely Valentine’s Day, and we’ll see you in May.

marie lecrivain

executive editor


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