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  August 2005
volume 3 number 3
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volume 3 number 3 August 2005
† † Do you ever wonder . . . just "who" is the person(s) on the other end of the virtual world reading your poetry?

† † As one of the millions who sends out her work out to other literary journals, I do wonder about the editor. Is my work (after reading through back issues and following the submission rules) going to resonate with the editor? How do they approach my work? As a writer, as an editor, or as both?

† † To silence my internal inquisition, I search the Internet for work by editors, on whose doorsteps I have deposited my poetic children. This is how I have come to enjoy the words of Karen Corcoran Dabkowski (The Blue House), David Herrle (Subtle Tea), Susan Culver (Lily), and even C.E. Chaffin (The Melic Review), though he still hasn't gotten back to me about my last set of submissions (that's okay Mr. Chaffin, we're cool).

† † This issue of poeticdiversity presents the work of the editorial staff. In addition to spending a LOT of time (unpaid) reviewing and editing submissions, they still manage to find time to write. Each one of these editors has a deep love for the written (and spoken) word, a well-developed appreciation for diversity, and a desire to put forth the best publication they can for you, the reader. So along with the work of Stosh Machek and Martin Lewis, I'd like to encourage you to immerse yourself in the poetry of Julia Bemiss, Francisco Dominguez, Laura A. Lionello, Aire Celeste Norell, Angel Uriel Perales, and Douglas Richardson.

† † When you are done, do go check out a fabulous story by our prose feature, Brenda Petrakos. Then take some time to read new work by Aurora Antonovic, Jim Babwe, Jack G. Bowman, Leah Brown, Bob Browning, Joseph Camhi, Britton Laine Carducci, Oscar Carrasco, Dan Danila, Gregory De Feo, Edward J. DiMaio, Peggy Dobreer, Michael Estabrook, Jerry Garcia, Debashish Haar, Matt Harris, Kenneth Hickey, Jerry Hicks, Rachel Kann (love ya!), James Keane, Deborah P. Kolodji, Marie Lecrivain (that's me!), John Marshall (1994 North Carolina Poet Laureate), Allen McGill, Greggory Moore, Gareth Pike (30 is NOT the end of the world!), E.W. Richardson, Paula Rodriguez, Tri Tran, Troy, John Turi, Ms. Veronica, and Kirby Wright. As an added bonus, donít forget to check out the surreal and sensual works of our artist-in-residence, Lizbeth Palma.

† † We also have the second part of our interview with California Poet Laureate Nominee Luis Rodriguez, an interview with editor and author Satish Kumar, an essay about poetic evolution by E. Amato, and staff reviews of work by Daniel Olivas, Catherine Daly, John Turi, Charles Harper Webb, Cedric Mixon, Ursula T. Gibson, Dee Rimbaud, the Totem Maples, and G. Murray Thomas.

† † I'd like to welcome new two new members to the poeticdiversity staff: contributing writers Peggy Dobreer and Britton Laine Carducci. Peggy has been a part of the L.A. poetry scene for more than five years, and Britton recently graduated from Rutgers University . . . oh, and they can write too.

† † Have a lovely summer, and enjoy this issue. See you in November.

marie lecrivain

executive editor


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