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  February 2006
volume 4 number 1
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volume 4 number 1 February 2006
    Happy Everything between now and May Day!

    Spring is coming. In California that may not mean much, but one can discern slight changes; the afternoons stretch out a little longer, the price of fruit goes down (and it tastes better), and the poets come out of their hiding places - like the proverbial groundhog - looking for inspiration - or maybe their shadows (joking here).

    Since March is National Women's Month, and April is National Poetry Month, our Annual Women's Issue has taken its cues from both. Women have been quietly (and not so quietly) inspiring and creating art since before living memory. It's with a great deal of pride we present this current issue to you, the readers. We hope you’ll find new inspiration in the beautiful poetry and prose.

    Featured poets: Susan Culver, Melissa Fischer, Ursula T. Gibson, Armine Iknadossian, Tess. Lotta, Leslie Monsour, Katie O'Loughlin, and Stephany Prodromides.

    Prose feaure: Karr Stratynberg

    Artist in Residence: Jerry Garcia

    Contributors: Elizabeth Addis, Joseph Armstead, Julia Bemiss, Jack G. Bowman, Dana Campbell, Jonathan Carr, Jared Carter, Michael Ceraolo, Peggy Dobreer, Francisco Dominguez, Lisa Helene Donovan, Dale Duke, Michael Estabrook, Daniel Gallik, Daniel garcia-Black, Wendy Grosskopf, Kenneth Gurney, David Howard, Roger Humes, Amber Jacob, Edith Kornfeld, Marianne LaValle-Vincent, Marie Lecrivain, Gary Lehmann, Tiffany Lettieri, Laura A. Lionello, Dave Nordling, Aire Celeste Norell, Wayne Popelka, Raindog, Adrian Potter, Douglas Richardson, Gina MarySol Ruiz, David W. Rushing, Dahn Shaulis, Durlabh Singh, smzang, Kari Thune, Amy Upham, Anca Vlasopolos, and Tyler Joseph Wiseman.

    Interviews: This issue we have interviews with Jason Sanford Brown, poet and editor of Roadrunner Haiku Journal; Katerina Canyon, poet and host of the Word of Mouth Poetry Series; Paul Cummins, poet and author of A Postcard from Bali; and Holly Prado, poet, teacher, and author of These Mirrors Prove It: Selected Poems and Prose (1973-2000).

    Guest Essayist: Rapp Saloon co-host Dave Nordling discusses in depth What Poetry Means to Me?

    Reviews: The staff review Jack G. Bowman's Unnatural Fire, Tobi Cogswell's Sanity Among the Wildflowers; Cesar A. Cruz's Lyrical DEMOnstration, Jerry Garcia's Hitchhiking With the Guilty, Kenneth Gurney's A Place to Keep Spent Time, Terry Kennedy's Bangalore Blue, Daren Klein's After Life, LitRhap Press' Lounge Lit: An Anthology of Poetry and Fiction by the Writers of Literati Cocktail and Rhapsodomancy, and Leigh White's Thrilling Me Softly - A Book of Love Poems and Other Typos.

    Have a great Spring season, and we'll see you in May.

marie lecrivain

executive editor


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