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  November 2006
volume 4 number 4
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volume 4 number 4 November 2006
† † I must end 2006 on a high note.
† † This past month, I experienced several upheavals in my life that caused me to question the need to stay true to myself where honesty is concerned. On Sunday, 10/29/06, I attended the book signing of a man who is INFAMOUS for staying true to himself and for his uncompromising honesty.
† † He is the Grand Master of the Short Story, the man who fired up my imagination and set my feet on the path of writing, and the only author whose books I would proudly pilfer (I only did this once... when I was 10) from other people's libraries: Harlan Ellison, who entertained a crowded house at Skylight Books (Happy 10th Anniversary to the folks at Skylight!). I wondered: How would I measure up in the eyes of my biggest literary influence?
† † With no small amount of trepidation, I presented Mr. Ellison with a copy of my book, Nihilistic Foibles (Sybaritic Press 2006). Mr. Ellison thanked me, remarked that he liked the title, said that he would do his best to find the time to read it... and, depending on the book's outcome, might keep his opinion to himself.
† † 100% honesty with no promises! Thank you Mr. Ellison. Whatever the outcome, you'll never let me down.
† † Now onto the matter at hand: It's poeticdiversity's anniversary!!!
† † poeticdiversity is going into its FOURTH year! We keep evolving, changing, and doing our best to provide our readers with the best artistic diversity that comes our way.
† † I'd like to share some news: Due to staff changes and external commitments, poeticdiversity will become a tri-quarterly in 2007. This will allow the staff more time to devote to providing the readers with the standard of excellence they have come to expect. Our new publications dates will be as follows: April, August, and November.
† † Next, we are pleased to announce our nominees for the 1st Annual Best of the Net Nominations Anthology (Sundress Press), as well as this year's Pushcart Prize Best of the Small Press (with special thanks to Amelie Frank for her editorial assistance in this matter!):
† † Best of the Net: Julia Bemiss ("For Robert Lowell"), Jack Cooper ("Vice Versa"), Michelle Daugherty ("Icarus and Adam: A Love Story"), Ro Gunetilleke ("The Burnt"), Gene Justice ("Lash"), and Tess. Lotta ("Postmodern Pin Up").
† † Pushcart: Graham Burchell ("Ombligo"), Jeanette Clough ("Letter From Atlantis 6"), Ellyn Maybe ("Ellyn Maybe's Dream"), Cecile Sarruf ("Windows of Tripoli"), Davide Trame ("Cemetery"), and Anca Vlasopolos ("Traveling Solo").
† † Third, I would like to thank the following editors who have worked with us these past three years. Each one of these people have since moved onto other projects (or out of state), but they deserve special recognition for having worked so hard to keep poeticdiversity going. I, and the readers are forever in their debt: John Feins, Gene Justice, Laura A. Lionello, Aire Celeste Norell, and Angel Uriel Perales.
† † Fourth, I would like to welcome aboard some new folks: Terry McCarty and Stephany Prodromides, who served as guest editors for the anniversary issue; Jerry Garcia, our new art editor; G. Murray Thomas, who will be our new columnist; and our new contributing editors Danielle Grilli and Annette Sugden.
† † Last, but not least, I would like to thank my friend and fab poetry editor Tess. Lotta, who took special time and care to showcase features from her ongoing poetry series Literati Cocktail.

† † Featured Poets: Anna Balint, Suzan Lustig, keith niles, Alene Terzian, and Chrys Tobey.
† † Prose Feature(s): Rachel Kann and Francisca Ricinski-Marenfeld.
† † Artist in Residence: poeticdiversity's own Tess. Lotta.
† † Contributing Poets/Writers: Aurora Antonovic, Gwendolyn Beyer, Jack G. Bowman, Adam Bresson, Jason Sanford Brown, zoey brown, Dan Danila, Holly Day, Peggy Dobreer, Kevin Doran, John Dorsey, Richard Fein, Liz Fortini (the winner of the 1st annual poeticdiversity prose contest), Danielle Grilli, Susan Irvine, Sheema Kalbasi, Chris Krueger, Kevin Lavey, Richard Leach, Marie Lecrivain, Pete Lee, Rick Lupert, Terry McCarty, Aire Celeste Norell, Marc Olmstead, Nzingah Oniwosan, Angela J. Perry, Traian Pop Traian, Ingrid Rattay, Douglas Richardson, Emily Rose, Cecile Sarruf, Jan Steckel (second runner up in the first annual poeticdiversity contest), Annette Sugden, David Thornburgh, Mary Torregrossa, tri tran, Brenda Varda, and Britney Young.
† † Interview: This issue we have an interview with William Waltz, editor of Couduit Literary Magazine.
† † A Personal History of Rock 'N' Roll: The first of a four-part series by G. Murray Thomas.
† † Guest Essayist: Richard Beban pays tribute to his first writing mentor.
† † Reviews: Wisteria: A Journal of Haiku, Senryu and Tanka; Jared Carterís Cross This Bridge at a Walk; John Dullaghanís Bukowski: Born Into This; Bent Hamer's Charles Bukowski's Factotum; Rachel Kann's The Gold of it All; Deborah P. Kolodjiís Red Planet Dust; Bill Morgan's I Celebrate Myself: The Somewhat Private Life of Allen Ginsberg; Mindy Nettifee's Sleepyhead Assassins; Elisha Porat's Episode; Luis Rodriguez's My Nature is Hunger; and Lidia Torres's A Weakness For Boleros.
† † Bonus: Naughty and Nice Holiday Literary Recommendations from the poets, writers and readers to make your upcoming shopping experience a little less nightmarish!

† † Have a safe and productive holiday season. See you in April.

marie lecrivain
executive editor

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