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  August 2007
volume 5 number 2
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volume 5 number 2 August 2007

† † Intolerance is evidence of impotence. Ė Aleister Crowley

† † Not to be a bummer, but it pains me to state that Iím no longer surprised at how much intolerance I experience on a daily basis, both vicariously and firsthand, against poetry by some of its so called patrons at open mics, in conversation, in publishing, etc.
† † I know some of us attempt to live by The Bardís axiom ďbeauty is in the eye,Ē or in this case, the ear ďof the beholder,Ē but when a poet gets disrespected, worse, yet, censored, by anotherís jealousy and fearÖ well, then thatís when itís time to take stock of oneís position.
† † This doesnít mean Iíll stop representing poets and writers. In fact, the need for the Word to be heard, read, and disseminated is more important than ever, and I will be working for improvement, tolerance, and understanding in the best way I know how; as an editor and a publisher.
† † We, the staff, will always, for as long as we are able, do our collective best to provide a publication that respects diversity, beauty, and truth. Thatís a promise!

† † In this issue:

† † † † Featured Poets: Jennifer Bradpiece, Anthony Liccione, Mindy Nettifee, Matina Stamatakis, and David Thornbrugh.

† † Prose Feature: Rick Lupert.

† † Contributing Poets/Writers: Alaina R. Alexander, Nicole Alexander, Theresa Antonia, Askew (aka Charles Claymore), maeghanne ayers, Sophie Bachard, song-hue bakh, J. Mae Barizo, Julia Bemiss, Jack G. Bowman (congrats on fatherhood!), Lyn Cannaday, Chris Crittiden, Eric Conroe, Doug Draime, Margarita Engle, W. S. Fisher, Daniel Gallik, Nelson Gary, Kenneth Gurney, Danielle Grilli, Michael Lee Johnson, Quentin Josephy, Hari Bhajan Khalsa, Kasandra Larson, Marie Lecrivain, Zachary Locklin, Adam Lowis, Magdalena, Johnny Masuda, Nzingah Oniwosan, Frances Schiavina, Wanda Vanhoy Smith, Eric Steineger, John Sibley Williams, and Nina Womack.

† † Guest Essayist: Eric Howard on "Indefensible Poetry."

† † Interview: George Wallace, poet and editor of Poetry Bay.

† † A Personal History of Rock 'N' Roll: The third installment in a four part series by G. Murray Thomas.

† † Reviews: R.D. Armstrongís The Hunger; Jack Cooperís Across My Slience; Ex Machina Pressís Silent Voices Vol. III; Dave Nordling's Glass Houses; and Naomi Querubin-Abesamis 's Inner Victory: A Collection of Filipina American Poetry.

† † Artist in Residence: Alfie Ebojo aka aflie numeric.

† † See you in December!

marie lecrivain
executive editor

executive editor/publisher marie lecrivain
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