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  August 2008
volume 6 number 2
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volume 6 number 2 August 2008
    I am at the place where creation is working itself out. - Tomas Transtromer

    This has become my personal mission statement.
    My life, as I know it, is in a state of flux.
    I am going to be honest with you dear readers. This new issue of poeticdiversity is lighter than usual and was delayed because I have been obsessing over, as well as, attempting to work out why my life is on the downhill slide. I have been out of work for over two months, I am on the fast track to Brokeville, and, on Wednesday, heard from the lovely folks at EED that my unemployment benefits are going to be delayed (which has since been rectified - phew!) because I didn't look for work for two days - I guess sustaining second degree burns on my arm from an exploding french press is good enough reason to make my life more uncertain!
   Anyway, these are the facts as they stand. I am not looking for sympathy (though I am actively looking for work), because, despite my misfortunes, which are shared by others whose numbers seem are increasing exponentially day by day, there is no reason to delay the publication of the work of those who took the time to share their truths with the rest of us. And, I love poeticdiversity. For however long I can keep it going, I WILL!
    I am sorry. I will endeavor NOT to do this again.
    Enjoy this issue; there is some great work, per usual, and, please don't hesitate to send us your best words.:)
    A BIG thanks to Sondra L. Scott for wearing the guest editor tiara this issue (it looks great on you!), and thanks to Alex M. Frankel and David Banuelos for writing reviews. I may have three dollars to my name, but I am, like all of you, steeped in literary richness.

    In this issue:

    Featured Poets: Gedda Ilves, Deborah P. Kolodji, Mephistopheles, Alex Stolis, and Maja Trochimczyk.
    Contributing Poets/Writers: Zack Anderson, Lori Anderson-Moseman, Hakim Bellamy, Ralph-Michael Chiaia, Benjamin Crowley, Iris Dan, Piper Davenport, Clint Frakes, Delia J. Fry, Ulrike Gerbig, Rhoda Greenstone, Danielle Grilli, Kenneth Gurney, David Harrington, Thea Iberall, Marie Lecrivain, Laura LeHew, Jessica Lopez, David McLean, A.J. Morelli, Dave Nordling, Gareth Pike, Shannon Prince, Brian Redfern, Peter Schwartz, Sondra L. Scott, Anthony Seidman, Oleg Semonov, Tom Sheehan, Bruce Stirling, The Unarmed Man, Wanda Vanhoy Smith, Martin Willitts Jr., Seth Woolf, and Julie Yi.
    A Personal History of Rock 'N' Roll: The ongoing adventurous love-affair with Rock 'n' Roll by G. Murray Thomas.
    Reviews: Mary Bonina's Living Proof; Daniel Olivas's (editor) Latinos in Lotusland; Gloria Mindock's Blood Soaked Dresses; Deborah P. Kolodji's and Stephen Wilson's (editors) Dwarf Stars; and Judith Rechter's Wild West.
    Artist in Residence: Los Angeles multi-media artist Julian Ellis.

    Hold on tight, be good to yourselves, and BELIEVE!
    See you in December.

marie lecrivain
executive editor

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