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  April 2009
volume 7 number 1
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volume 7 number 1 April 2009
    Real poetry, is to lead a beautiful life. To live poetry is better than to write it.Matsuo Basho

    Well, I am not one to argue against Japan’s greatest haikuist and poet, but there is a truth in Basho’s words that cannot be ignored.
    I am sure as you are reading this introduction that one or more of you have taken a look at the world outside and, upon seeing a dark cloud or ten on the horizon, have instinctively fired up your laptops or reached for your journals, eager to record the constant stream of uncertain moments we inhabit in a way that makes “sense”… you know, into that poetic language each one of us employs to understand what is happening all around us, and in some cases, to deal with it.
    While I am right there with each of you, I would like to encourage you to go put away your journals and remember that it’s NATIONAL POETRY MONTH. Poets get very few fringe benefits, but to have a month to ourselves, especially in a world that seems to have forgotten to honor The Arts, is extraordinary. Make a point to go to a reading, and just listen to the words of your fellow poets – okay, I am assuming that many poets in the scene may not listen, but the noise throughout the years of the rustling of papers from the variety of poetry whores getting ready to take the mic after me have convinced me of this fact. Anyway, who knows WHAT kind of inspiration one might receive, what kind of truth one can be exposed to, in just giving a bit of time in living through the act listening to another’s voice.
    If you have the time, check out the calendar listing at, and you will find a wealth of readings not just this month, but all year round. And if you cannot make it to a reading, then I hope you will find some life between the virtual pages of poeticdiversity.
    In conclusion, I would like to thank my guest editor Sondra L. Scott for doing double duty through two issues, and I would especially like to thank Jerry Garcia for his tenure as our Art Editor. Sondra and Jerry, your words and your friendship mean so much to me. Thank you both for adding your own stamp to poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles.

    In this issue:

    Featured Poets: Carl Abt, Gary Beck, Tobi Cogswell, Jawanza Dumisani, Dave Herrle, and Carmen Vega.
    Prose Feature: G. Murray Thomas.
   Essayist:”A Poet’s Yarn” by Annette Sugden.
    Artist in Residence: Painter and alchemist Ferrari Silverpowder.
    Contributing Poets/Writers: Peter Branson, Richard Burrill, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Julia Carlson, Lisa Castro, Ralph-Michael Chiaia, Megan Coker, Chris Chrittenden, Dalton, Dale Duke, K. Eltinae, Jerry Garcia, Alexandra Isacson, Emmanuel Japka, Just Kibbe , Ashley King, LeAnne Kline, Deborah P. Kolodji, Wolf Larson, Marie Lecrivain, B.D. Love, david mclean, Mephistopheles, Robert John Miller, Steve Norwood, Vishnu Rao, Daniel Suffian, Annette Sugden, J.C. Sullivan, Barbara Taylor, Gene van Troyer, and Rev. Dave Wheeler,
    A Personal History of Rock 'N' Roll: David Bowie – Now… by G. Murray Thomas.
    Reviews: Lisa Beatman's Manufacturing America: Poems From the Factory Floor; david mclean’s of dead snakes; and Carine Topal’s Bed of Want.

    And most of all, remember, to quote from my favorite Coldplay song “Don’t Panic,” on the Garden State soundtrack: We live in a beautiful world! Yeah, we do! Yeah, we do!
    See you in August.

marie lecrivain
executive editor

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