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  December 2009
volume 7 number 3
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volume 7 number 3 December 2009
One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things. - John Burroughs

Well, what can be said... here we are, at the end of another year.... and on the threshold of a new one.
It's, as always, been challenging for me, and for many poets I know to keep practicing our love for the Word when the rest of the world passes on, seemingly uncaring while barely noticing the all the beauty of language, the joy in poetic expression. And, that is why, it's so important that poets and writers keep expressing themselves, as in the past, present and future issues of this publication.
I would like to take a moment to cover some issues of note.
1)I want to thank Annette Sugden for working with me on poeticdiversity. As far as managing editors, and friends go, she is a rare and wonderful being. I wish her well on her endeavors, and I hope that wherever she goes, I will be thinking of her.
2)The Los Angeles poetry scene lost two great poets this past year: FrancEyE Smith and Donna Gebron. As poets, and, as friends, they will be greatly missed. I would encourage everyone who reads this to take some time and seek their poetry on the Internet, or at the local archive at Beyond Baroque.
3)I want to extend a special thanks to Karen Corcoran Dabkowski, the editor of The Blue House. I learned a great deal about poetry, working with poets, and being flexible enough to let those around me express themselves. I learned, most of all, from Karen, to respect a poet's right to speak the Truth... and for that I will always be grateful. And, I want to thank Aurora Antonovic, the publisher of Magnapoets, for giving me the opportunity to work with her on an amazing publication.
4)I want to, most of all, thank all of YOU who have contributed work to poeticdiversity over the years. We are going into our EIGHTH year... wow! My mind is boggling... I look forward to next year's literary offerings... keep 'em coming!:)

In this issue:

Featured Poets: Suzanne Frost, Kristine Ong Muslim, Adrienne J. Odasso, Nydia Rojas, Paul Kareem Tayyar, and Florence Weinberger.
Prose Feature: Brenda Petrakos.
Artist in Residence: Painter and poet Leigh White .
Contributing Poets/Writers: E. Amato, Renae Andruse, Mike Berger, Ph.D, Tom Berman, Lynne Bronstein, Lisa Cheby, Phil Clark, Charles Claymore, Gloria Derge, Martin Dickinson, John Epstein, Heather Fowler, Janice Gero, Kenneth Gurney, Peycho Kaney , Russ Kazmierczak, Tammy Ho Lai-ming, Eric Lawson, Marie Lecrivain, Radomir Luza, Stefanie Maclin, Hyatt Mason, Duncan McGuire, Mephistopheles, Robert John MillerChristopher Mulrooney, Daniel Romo, John Duncan Talbird, and Wanda Vanhoy Smith.
Center Stage: Interview with poet and author Adrienne J. Odasso.
A Personal History of Rock 'N' Roll: Mid '70s: Musical Doldrums by G. Murray Thomas.
Reviews: Nessa O'Mahony's In Sight of Home; Ellyn Maybe's Rodeo for the Sheepish; Robert Peter's Going Down the River in a Hayloft Coffin; and Jefrrey Alan Rocklin's N'Dangered Species: On the Road to Camp Freedom.

Have a safe and happy holiday season, and a wonderful New Year. See you in April 2010... in time for NATIONAL POETRY MONTH! YAY!

marie lecrivain
executive editor

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