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  August 2010
volume 8 number 2
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volume 8 number 2 August 2010
Well, it's been awhile... we're glad to be back.
I'm not sure how many online literary journals exist on the Internet, though I think anyone who can publish for more than two years is doing splendidly, considering the abysmal state of the economy, as well as the waning interest in quality literature. I'm not the only one who's grateful to other editors who give up their time, including much of their own writing time, to make sure that the voices of poets and writers are read/heard across the globe.
I realize this issue is way overdue, but I want to thank you for your patience, your words, and your support. We'll be back on schedule in December/January, time and funds permitting. Meanwhile, enjoy the poems and stories and art that are in the August issue:

Featured Poets: E. Amato, John Grey, Tammy Ho Mai-Ling, Lisa LaTourette, and Helen Peterson.
Prose Feature: Heather Palmer.
Artist in Residence: Poet and artist Cindy Weinstein aka Feral Artist.
Contributing Poets/Writers: Renae Andruse, John-Patrick Ayson, Lek Borja, Sumiko Braun, Terry Clark, Christopher Coleman, Kumari de Silva, Chris Derrico, Summer Griffiths, KJ Hays, Georgia Jones-Davis, Eric Lawson, Marie Lecrivain, Noah Lederman, Matt McGee, Amanda Montei, Christopher Mulrooney , Jason Neese, David E. Patton, Angel Uriel Perales, Brenda Petrakos, Luviette Resto, Sonya Sabanac, Annette Sugden, Tim Tipton, Jessica Wilson, and Abigail Wyatt.
A Personal History of Rock 'N' Roll: Punk Rock by G. Murray Thomas.
Reviews: Scott Kaestner's A Life in the Day of a Poet, Rick Lupert's We Put Things in Our Mouths; Angel Uriel Perales's The Curmudgeon and the Debutante; and Cindy Weinstein's Lampshades From the Skin of Roses.

See you in a few months!

marie lecrivain
executive editor

executive editor/publisher marie lecrivain
contributing editors charles claymore, carol smallwood, angel uriel perales, alicia winski
webmaster reggie ige
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