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  April 2013
volume 10 number 1
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volume 10 number 1 April 2013
    Spring brings new life, pallets of sticky pastel-colored Easter Peeps, and National Poetry Month.
    I'm not going to get on my soapbox and tell you all that you NEED to support poetry. Instead, I want to thank you... all of you, who have supported poeticdiversity, with your work, and, with the promotion of the magazine. Thank you! I'm grateful, as well as excited, to be publishing the incredible variety of poetry, prose and art that come my way. We couldn't do this without you!
    I'd also like to welcome aboard a new contributing editor: Maryann Russo. Maryann, between her personal/professional responsibilities, spent a considerable amount of time and care reading/choosing submissions for the April issue. Thank you, Maryann.
    In this issue:

    Featured Poets: James Barros, Jonathan Beale, Janine Canan, Lita-Luise Chappell, M. Frias-May, Victor Infante, Terance James McGunigle, and Daniela Voicu.

    Prose Feature: Meg Pokrass.

    Contributing Poets/Writers: Hannah Adcock, Lytton Bell, Craig Berry, Nick Bertelson, Deborah Edler Brown, Sir Mark Bruback, Juhi Chowdhury, Merrill Cole, t. joseph dunn, Richard Fein, Dawnell Harrison, Jay Kantor, Jerome Kiel, Len Kuntz, Agnes Marton, Catfish McDaris, david mclean, Mark Murphy, Martina Reisz Newberry, Peter O'Niell, Steve Pelcman, Angel Uriel Perales, Luke Prater, Maryann Russo, David Scriven, John W Sexton, Julia Stein, Tim Tipton, Danny Uebbing, Wanda Vanhoy Smith, Cindy Weinstein, and Alicia Winski.

    Artist-In-Residence,: Plein Air Painter Jeni Bate.

    Book Reviews/Columns: Richard Modiano essay, On Surrealism Today; Zarina Zabriksy's IRON; Carol Tarlen's Every Day is An Act of Resistance; and, G. Murray Thomas's newest installment of A Personal History of Rock'n'Roll.

    Enjoy all that National Poetry Month has to offer, and, see you in November!:)

Marie Lecrivain
executive editor

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