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  November 2014
volume 11 number 2
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volume 11 number 2 November 2014
    Welcome to another issue of poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles. There's so much great poetry, prose, and art that this issue would be a 50-lb tome in the real world, and not because of the amount of content, but because of the quality of work. We keep getting spoiled for choice, and so we extend this largess to you.
    Now, for some announcements.
    Frequent contributor and amazing poet, Jack Bowman, served as guest editor for this issue. Thank you, Jack, for taking the time to select and curate some of the best poetry we've had the geniune pleasure to publish!
    We also have a staff addition. I'd like to welcome Carol Smallwood, an amazing writer and poet, aboard as our newest contributing editor. I'd also like to thank Maurico Alejandro Ramos for his great work over the last three issues as our art editor, and wish him well on the next stage of his art career.
    As is our custom, we've nominated poets and writers for both The Best of the Net, and Pushcart: Best of the Small Press Awards. This is never an easy decision. Every poem, or short story I accept for publication is worth a nomination. However, after much deliberation, here are the nominees:

    Best of the Net (2014): Creative Non-fiction: Lynne Bronstein's “If Famous Playwrights Had Written The Walking Dead”, and Karen J. McDonnell's “Unsettled.” Fiction: Sarah Francois'' “Murder and Kin”, and Beth Escott Newcomber's “Watching Guy and Lady.” Poetry: Christiane Conesa-Bostock 's “Seascape Nocturne,” Alexis Rhone Fancher's “Lust at the Cafe Formosa,” John Grey's “Warm Day in March,” Tom O’Reilly's “Night Time Wide-Awake,” Angel Perales' “Frozen Window,” and Apryl Skies' “Lizards.”
    Pushcart: Best of the Small Press (2014): Fiction: Fernando Meisenhaulter's “Who's Afraid of Guatamala?”, and Victor D. Infante's “Unwinding the Crash" .Poetry: Shawn Aveningo's' "Can't Quite Fill the Space," James G Piatt's “I Am," Viola Spencer's “Down at the Mexican Cemetery," and Terry Wolverton's "Untied."
    Enjoy this issue!

    Featured Poets: Shawn Aveningo, William Crawford, Tresha Faye Haefner, Alex Johnson, Rick Lupert, Holly Magill, Terry McCarty, William Mohr, Jan Steckel, Julia Stein, Dee Sunshine, Viola Weinberg, Terry Wolverton, and John Yamrus.

    Prose Feature: Victor D. Infante

    Contributing Poets/Writers: L Ward Abel, Veronica An, Jonathan Beale, Jack G Bowman, Jennifer Bradpiece, Lynne Bronstein, Jeffrey Bryant, Matt Burns,Don Kingfisher Campbell, Joey Capone, Raechel Kelechi Caulker, Beverly M. Collins, Donell Dreese, Elizabeth Adwin Edwards, Eli Eshaghian, Ameila Fleetwood, Jake Fleshner, Elliot Gabay, Tony Gloeggler, Hedy Habra, Dave Houston, Mikel K, Franklin Lafayette King, Daniel Lambert, Anthony Langford, Kevin LeMaster, Gary Maggio, Michael Malota, M. Frias May, Robbi Nester, Toti O'Brien, Suzanne O'Connell, James G. Piatt, Brenda Petrakos, Kevin Ridgeway, Walter Ruhlmann, Ethan Sassouni, L.B. Sedlacek, Lisa Segal, Jake Scheff, Apyl Skies, Carol Smallwood, Paul Tristram, Philomena van Rijswijk , Wanda Vanhoy Smity, Ellen Webre, Denise R. Weuve, and Müesser Yeniay.

    Artist-In-Residence: D. L. Warner

    Interviews/Reviews: Carol Smallwood reviews Eleanor Lerman's Strange Life; Peggy Dobreer reviews Suzanne Lummis' Open 24 Hours, winner of the 2013 Blue Lynx Poetry Prize; a review of In the Pink: Short Stories by AD Winans, and another installment from G. Murray Thomas's ongoing series a personal history of rock' 'n' roll.

    Happy Holidays. See you all in April 2015

Marie Lecrivain
executive editor

executive editor/publisher marie lecrivain
contributing editors charles claymore, carol smallwood, angel uriel perales, alicia winski
webmaster reggie ige
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