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  April 2016
volume 13 number 1
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volume 13 number 1 April 2016
don’t look so damn smug –
you’ll all be compared to me.
few will measure up

- Cat Angelique McIntire/Near Kin

     Because it's National Poetry Month, I usually like to remind our readers that we – poeticdiversity – stand as a resource to represent the voices of those who strive to find their poetic voice, etc. However, because 2016 is turning into what feels like “The. Worst. Year. Ever.”, I'd like to speak for a moment about the need to remember those voices who leave the planet.
     Cat Angelique McIntire, who passed away in February 2016, was an amazing person, poet, poetry host, and friend to many in the L.A. Poetry scene. She was fierce, fun, a gorgeous pink-haired goddess, animal rescue advocate, funny, creative, and highly empathetic. Her poetry was, and still is, intertwined with all the qualities that made her unforgettable. The senryu that precedes this introduction is one I had the privilege of publishing in Near Kin: An Anthology of Words and Art Inspired by Octavia E Butler.
     I remember when Cat sent me this senryu. She sent it to me on a whim, through FB messenger,and, immediately I knew that it was exactly what I was looking for, in terms of work that stands as tribute to one of my favorite authors, and as an example of great short form poetry.
     That was Cat – always surprising, on point, and forever the poet. Of the myriald of memories I cherish, this is one that I choose to share, to illustrate how poetry, and the poet must never be forgotten. You can find her work in the archives, in the April 2012 issue.
     This issue is dedicated to Cat. Thank you, Cat, for your friendship, inspiration, and your words. We miss you, and we will never forget you.

     Enjoy this issue!

     Featured Poets:Gwyndyn T. Alexander, Goodness Lanre Ayoola, Jack G. Bowman, Terry Clark, Lois P. Jones, Deborah P Kolodji, Diana Rosen, Apryl Skies, Ben Trigg, and Amy Uyematsu.

     Prose FeatureLynne Bronstein

     Contributing Poets/WritersSheikha A.Hanna Adcock, Jonathan Beale,Stefanie Bennett, Patricia Carragon, J de Salvo, JD DeHart, Diane Dehler, Darren C Demaree, David Flynn, J Gamble, John Grey, JD Heskin, Ed Higgins, Andrea Janov, George Korolog,Marie C LecrivainRon Lucas, Matt McGee, Suzanne O'Connell, Angel Uriel Perales, Kushal Poddar, Hattie Quinn,Nydia Rojas, James Robert Rudolph, Cody Rusakin, John Saunders, Carol Schwalberg, Knute Skinner,Annette Sugden, Danny Uebbing, Brian Watson, Viola Weinberg, and Omar ZahZah.

     Artist-In-ResidenceMaurico Alejandro Ramos

    Reviews/Columns: Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo's Things to Know for Compañer@s, A No More Deaths Volunteer Guide,Matt McGee reviews Eli Sanders' While the City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man's Descent Into Violence , and another installment from G. Murray Thomas's ongoing series a personal history of rock' 'n' roll.

     See you all in November 2016!

Marie C Lecrivain

executive editor

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