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  April 2017
volume 14 number 1
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volume 14 number 1 April 2017

    Please forgive the lateness of publication. Between computer glitches and work commitments, this issue sat in limbo, waiting for me to apply the final touches.
    In the era of the new normal, I am more grateful than ever for the poets and writers who keep creating, writing, and pushing the boundaries of literary expression. You are the lights in the dark, and you give hope to many who, like myself, may feel like there is none left.
    Please enjoy this issue.

    Featured Poets: John LaMar Ellison, Gabriella Garafalo, John Grey, Dani Raschel Jimenez, Scott C Kaestner, Rick Lupert, Afric McGlinchey, Bethany W Pope, and Sanjeev Sethi.

   Prose Feature: Jan Steckel.

    Contributing Poets/Prose Writers: Shawn Aveningo, Peter Barlow, Stefanie Bennett, Paulo Brito, Carla Criscuolo, Holly Day, Marvin Louis Dorsey, , Timothy Gager, Jerry Garcia, David Herrle, Julia Knobloch, Marie C Lecrivain, Emma Lee, Ron Lucas, Karen J McDonnell, Toti O’Brien, Hattie Quinn, Alison Ross, Walter Ruhlmann, Rishan Singh, Bobbi Sinha-Morey, Zev Torres, and RK Wallace.

   Interviews: This issue we have Carol Smallwood’s interview with Evan Mantyk, editor, author, and founder of The Society of Classical Poets; and Angel Uriel Perales, journalist, and author of The Acadians.

   Guest essayist: John Talbird’s micro-essay “Daydreams, Nightdreams.”

    Reviews: The staff reviews filmmaker Bob Byran’s GV 29: Meditation Women: The Power Paradigm, and Arctos Press’ Angle of Reflection: Anthology of 10 Los Angeles Poets.

    a personal history of rock ‘n’ roll: G Murray Thomas’ latest column “Rage Against the Democratic Convention, 2000.”

    See you in November.

Best to you,

marie c lecrivain
executive editor
poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles

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