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  November 2018
volume 15 number 1
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volume 15 number 1 November 2018
        Thank you for your patience.
    I say this, several times a day, at my job just west of K-town, in the mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles. This time last year, we were in a bad way: my household was in chaos; we were facing an unlawful eviction, one our beloved cats was terminally ill, and I was working two jobs to make up for the loss of revenue from a sudden, massive layoff.
    Fast forward to now, and things are still tough, but in some ways, much better. Our beloved feline, Kitler, died peacefully at home; we were able to retain our home, and I now work for a growing company that has a great service with a professional reputation, and more important, integrity.
    Many of my projects had to take a back seat, including the April online issue of poeticdiversity, which has been combined with the November issue. Part of this was/is due to financial constraints, and the other part had to do with giving myself some time to heal from the grief and anger over all I lost, and, to finally appreciate what I’ve gained.
    So, I thank you for your patience, and your continued patronage of readership.

    To kick off this issue, I’m happy to announce this year’s nominations for the annual Pushcart: Best of the Small Presses Award.

    Pushcart: Best of the Small Presses (2018): Will Alexander’s “Vibration From the Coast of India” (11/18), Stefanie Bennett’s “An Acmeist’s Oeuvre - Muse From the Mountain” (11/18), Jack G Bowman's “Listening to Blackstar” (11/18), Beverly M Collin’s “Ice” (11/18), Rick Lupert’s “The Son and Heir” (11/18), and Viola Weinberg's “Arthur’s Seat, the Easy Way” (11/18).

    Congratulations to the nominees. Please enjoy this issue.

    Featured Poets: Will Alexander, Sir Mark Brubeck, Don Kingfisher Campbell, John LaMer Elison, Darrell Herbert, Emma Lee, Rick Lupert, Fabrice Poussin, Walter Ruhlmann, Miriam Sagan, David Scriven, Viola Weinberg, and Terry Wolverton.

   Prose Feature: Matt McGee.

    Contributing Poets/Prose Writers: Gary Beck, Stefanie Bennett, Jack G. Bowman, Lynne Bronstein, Jeffrey Bryant, Beverly M. Collins, Dalia Elmanzalawy, John Grey, Grant Guy, David Herrle, Colin James, Ron Lucas, Peter Magliocco, Nate Maxon, Stephen Mead, Rajnish Mishra, Greg Patrick, Diane Rosen, Jeanne Marie Spicuzza, Mark States, Julia Stein, Kallista A. Thompson, David Thornbrugh, Alyssa Trivett, and Lynn White.

   Interviews/Reviews: This issue we have Carol Smallwood’s interview with Mindy Kronenberg, editor, and publisher of Book/Mark: A Quarterly Small Press Review; and a review of Questlove’s Creative Quest by David Herrle.

    See you in April 2019.

Best to you,

marie c lecrivain
executive editor
poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles

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