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  August 2007
volume 5 number 2
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Nicole Alexander
August 2007



art by alfie ebojo aka alfie numeric

    "I am 54, married with two grown children and five grandchildren. I love to share my written words with others. I live in Washington state but was raised in the South and some of my writing is inspired by my memories of Alabama, growing up there as a child."



Our Walk Through The Woods

it was only yesterday...

walking through the humid
southern woods as a child
with my daddy crossing
the trickling spring with
cool fresh water to quench
our parched throats as
we picked watercress for
supper and I leapt over
the dead fallen logs
in our path and dodged
the twigs from the branchs
that flew back to hit me
running to keep up with
daddy and his long legs
a snake would slither
across our path as
my daddy's gentle hands
would grab me and keep
me away from harm
him showing me wild
flowers and naming the
birds making the sounds
of the whip-poor-will or
bob white while I would imitate
and we would pick wild
flowers to take home to
mother and she would place
them in a mason jar
and proudly adorn our humble
table with the centerpiece
from our walk in the woods

copyright 2006 Nicole Alexander