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  August 2008
volume 6 number 2
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Zack Anderson
August 2008



art by julian ellis

    Born during the height of the Reagan years, Zack Anderson faced a stark contrast in his formative years; the peaceful idealism of grown-up hippie parents clashed with the violent realism of late 20th-century urban AmeriKKKa. Public school free lunch and the cheap baggies of weed available in the open-air drug market of South Minneapolis fed an addiction to the system that can only be sated by the masturbatory glee of writing pretentious poetry and the cleansing feeling of a good morning-time vomit.




What is the difference
Between cigarette smoke
That is burning from the cigarette
And smoke that you
Have exhaled?

I leave parts of me
Strewn about the ground
And in the air
My essence clings to wafts
Of blue colloidal poison.

What is it called
When you know something kills you
But you do it anyway?
I think the Greeks had a word
But I can't think of what it is.

copyright 2008 Zack Anderson