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  August 2009
volume 7 number 2
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Azure Antoinette
August 2009



photo by maja trochimczyk

    Azure Antoinette is a creative visualizer and a rare find with her youth and message spanning all cultures and yet is uniquely urban. Projecting intense raw power, she stirs humbleness in our soul and brings faith to our spirit. Antoinette's mediums of writing, poetry, performance and photography are award winning, sold out and receive standing ovations. With a unique creativity that comes to her as naturally as we breathe the air; she is to be watched and collected!
    The prolific Dr. Maya Angelou gave Antoinette her path when she was only nine years old; she recalls a defining moment when Antoinette heard Dr. Angelou recite "On the Pulse of Morning", at the Presidential Inauguration of William Jefferson Clinton. The never ending support she receives from her mother stirs her heart more deeply than anything or anyone. She will always be grateful to her mother for introducing her to the complexity of words and helping her establish her relationship with poetry. Other influences of Shakespeare, authors of the Harlem Renaissance, Poe and Sherlock Holmes; a blending of the most outstanding authors of our generations are influences of her mother too. Because of the rich mentoring she receives in her studies of them Antoinette always gives deep mindful thought to her timeless message that is sure to be embraced for generations to come.




I dream for heartbreak that doesn't hurt.
Give me freedom to play in the middle of a hurricane rain,
or the passion of a man unafraid to die.
Give me the sound of a speak easy the night that a world war ends.
I want to be dipped by a sailor and kissed in the middle of Manhattan,
I won't even know what his name is,
Or dance by myself with no stage to the rehearsal of a french orchestra.
I hope to watch a senior couple watch the sunrise from a bench that is as old as their hands that holds all their memories.
Mom, let me make you a quilt, you could teach me to stitch one purl two,
And I will wrap you in it and read you parables on the days when your extremities give you no leeway.
Give me daughters on fathers knees watching a balloon climb into heaven,
give me a childlike mind state where I might still believe in the magic of dad, santa, tooth fairies and pixie dust fantasies
or someone please tell me stories of when women gave birth to children and kept them close.
Let me watch machismo grandsons kissing their grandmothers hello, and in that moment, they will look not a year above five.
Give me American citizens who didn't put their faith in presidents to tell them bewitching stories of "change."
I want to talk to a harlot.
She can tell me tales of the men she loves on, we will laugh about it,
but one she is in love with, he doesn't know her occupation (she don't know how to come clean like her sheets).

Mom, I'm not woman enough to bury you.
I'm still learning, don't leave me just yet -
yet meaning never.
Breathe please I can't carry your essence...

Yes that's it.
I have your hand... it's just me
Don't be alarmed.

copyright 2008 Azure Antoinette