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  December 2009
volume 7 number 3
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Renae Andruse
December 2009



art by leigh white

    Renae Andruse is a rising poetess in the Orlando and North Florida areas. In addition to being a student, Renae attends poetry slams as well as attempting to start her own in North Florida. She has been previously published in the Flagler Review, as well as the Orlando Sentinel, and considers herself to be a mistress to the metaphor.



On Reaching Your Voicemail

Leaving a message after the tone,
here, is complicated, like algebra.
You plus y silence times x recorded message
equals my eternal bumbling.

I navigate my way around clingy
like I stumble to find your variables;
your heart is a quadratic equation,

but my personality is Pythagorus' theorem.
Our exponents only meet at seldom intervals.

I finally leave a message of pi--

it goes on longer than necessary.

copyright 2009 Renae Andruse