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  August 2010
volume 8 number 2
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Georgia Jones-Davis
August 2010



art by the feral artist

    Georgia Jones-Davis grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Los Angeles. She began to write and publish her poetry as a protest poet during the Vietnam War. She spent over twenty years in journalism, working as a staff reporter and editor as well as free-lance critic for various publications including The Washingon Post, New York Newsday and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. She was an Assistant Book Review Editor at the Los Angeles Times. Georgia now concentrates exclusively on poetry. Her work has appeared in Westwind, Voices From the Valley, Sam Hamil's website Poets Against War, The Bicycle Review and most recently, Brevities and The California Quarterly. She is a co-director of Valley Contemporary Poets and is at work on her first book.



Emily at Auschwitz

She wore the thin
leather boots bought in Haight
Ashbury. On the ride
back to Krakow
a disturbance crept up on her,
a disturbance she could not recognize.

Joseph, her great-grandfather,
arrived in one of the last transports,
never left.

Does blood murmur to its own
through ash that still dirties the air,
bone whisper to its own
through gray dust piled beneath the soles?

In this place where the dead survive
did Josephs fire-digested eyes
know Emily on sight,
the daughter of his daughters daughter,
a link in the dying chain
miraculously alive.

copyright 2010 Georgia Jones-Davis