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  August 2010
volume 8 number 2
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Eric Lawson
August 2010



art by leigh white

    Eric Lawson is the author of three poetry chapbooks: Lady, Control Your Cats, Now With More Ewoks, and 405, as well as the comedic collections Jackassery, and Medusa Coils: 20 Twisted Monologues. He is the winner of the Ring of Fire Best Short Screenplay Award at the Los Angeles Neo-Noir Film Festival. Firstly, Mr. Lawson resides in Laguna Niguel, California and is writing this bio in the third person, but is usually the last to know.



The Moon is in Full Flight

The moon is in full flight again
and you're nowhere to be found
I want to run through the night
but I can't find love anywhere
I want to scale the nearest tree
and bark at the dead rock sphere
I want to roam the city streets
but I don't want to do it alone
Where are you tonight, my love?
Why did you have to go and leave?
We say we'll do all these things
when we have more money to spend
Well, this is the present, dear
and we're not getting any younger
I want the world at my bared feet
I will talk loud, be spontaneous
Let's all lasso the moon tonight
Let's all meet the ocean naked
Let's all find some trouble now
Let's all take a chance on love
Do you miss me yet, lost friends?
Do you know the real me at last?
Do you miss me yet, dead dreams?
Why are you afraid to get close?
I am but a simple manimal like you
We are painters of the indigo night
We are the lost milk carton kids
And we are not for sale to anyone
For we have already sold our souls

copyright 2010 Eric Lawson