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  August 2010
volume 8 number 2
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Annette Sugden
August 2010



photo by kevin berger

    Annette Sugden is a Los Angeles writer, performer, dancer, and artist who lives in Glendale, but the other Glendale in AZ. It's like the one in CA, only with cacti, and lots of trailer parks. She also is the writer and creator of the blog style zine, Crazed! at



Thanks to You I Have 10 Dead Rabbis in my Head

and they are all arguing about everything
they never shut up
maybe it's this
maybe that

no wonder I have a head ache
when you're too busy or too serious
why is everyone so fucking serious
all of a sudden crack

a smile, laugh, jingle joy to rafters
shake ribs, this is why they fight
they can't think
how to tell the perfect joke
that will make everything clear

and you, you Mr "I don't
dance, don't ask me"
in your black crow rabbi suit
wear jeans more often, uncross
your arms, stop

the Universe is not going to crack
it's so old, we're so old
ancient souls, so many of us
some burn, others drown
don't choke on bones
our bones

one life many bodies
limbs unbound, aorta drumming
blood streaming, men don't know anything
shut up and listen
move, look, really see

behind everything is music
and more than ten men, laughing
giggling, spinning, where all is one
there is no need to sour the face

beating wings, rush of feathers
blind, 10 bearded men of the temple
10 brothers. But nobody talks about
what happened to their wives

behind every truly wise man, is a woman
telling him exactly what to say

copyright 2010 Annette Sugden