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  November 2015
volume 12 number 2
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Amy Uyematsu
November 2015



photo by fran├žois biajoux

    Amy Uyematsu is a third-generation Angelino. A poet and former high school math teacher, she currently leads a writing workshop at the Far East Lounge in downtown Little Tokyo. Amy's most recent book is Basic Vocabulary (Red Hen Press, 2016).



Inside Traffic

It's a perfect way to begin my errands early
Saturday morning. Bocelli's "La voce del

is playing as I drive up Sawtelle. I don't
speak Italian but know the title translates
roughly as the voice

of silence, a most appealing idea, but maybe
it's telling that I listen to Andrea sing at
the super loud volume

I use when I want to hear a melody again and
again. Not even halfway through the song, as I

Washington, a car streaks out of a driveway
just yards in front of me. I slam on my brakes,
honk, and know

this was a narrow miss. I curse a sentence or
two out loud, wishing the driver could hear me,
then replay

Bocelli's song from the beginning, trying to
return to the mood I was enjoying. But now I've

into my own noisy refrain, suddenly seven years
back at my son's wedding, remembering how

it was only to hear the shreik of someone I
love finding fault with anything she can about
that special day.

Not exactly the silent voice I want to hear but
not much choice for that same old conversation
in my head -

about how we let some people in our lives have
a power over us they surely don't deserve, and
we know

we shouldn't let them but we do. Now I've
turned onto Barrington and find it calming to
watch a solitary

woman runner slowly circle a grassy park. I
distract myself by looking at billboards and
store signs,

the one looming before me says POOCH in letters
which outsize all the other nearby business

and I play the song again. Somehow I get
soothed back into the melody, no need to
understand the words.

copyright 2015 Amy Uyematsu