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  November 2015
volume 12 number 2
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Jonathan Taylor
November 2015



photo by james barros

      Jonathan Taylor is an author, lecturer and critic. His books include the poetry collection Musicolepsy (Shoestring, 2013), and the novels Entertaining Strangers (Salt, 2012), and Melissa (forthcoming from Salt, late 2015). He is Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Leicester in the UK.
Jonathan Taylor



Bedtime at 9

... so George Bailey was never born, wouldn't hear
Clarence get his wings, lost Zuzu's petals forever.
Roger Thornhill was stuck as George Kaplan

& crop-dusters dusted no-crops on & on.
Sister Maria never came back from her convent
to kiss & marry Plummer, climb every mountain

& this might've turned me into a pessimist
but at least history was frozen sometime late '30s,
'sterreich never quite reaching Anschluss.

Only music creeping upstairs into dreams
afforded an ambiguous form of prolepsis,
fortune-telling in muffled songs, marches.

copyright 2015 Jonathan Taylor