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  November 2016
volume 13 number 2
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Adam Phillips
November 2016



photo by marie c lecrivain

    Adam Phillips makes his living teaching at-risk junior high kids how to read, write, and dominate on the hardwood (these are three separate things; the kids rarely read or write while playing basketball). When not thusly occupied, he's f**king s**t up old school on the coastline of Rockaway Beach, Oregon, with his inimitable wife and two small sons. Recent/impending publications include upstreet, Blotterature, Shark Pack Poetry Review, Raven Chronicles, and Blue Monday Review. His first novel is forthcoming from Propertius Press



The Eater

if there has ever been a place
in my heart for the eater

the heart is a brain
misshapen, lost.

at the supermarket
in my brain I am the greeter

and you wear a nametag, a red vest,
and you are the boss.

Together, we watch

the cottony tentacles of the storm
reach down to scrape the parking lot.

Swallowed in a drab gray ocean.
Soaking in one unbroken

January afternoon.
(this is simply the heart speaking, dressed as a brain)

eater of souls. of dice. of bones. we're side by side
when the eater washes over, dissolving
trains, the fish market, you

who never believe anything I say.

copyright 2016 Adam Phillips